Hossa’s Nature Centre provides tailored programme services and outdoor meals to order. Only discovered in 1977, the paintings of 61 figures depicting fishing, hunting, shamanic rituals and childbirth are unique in Finland. Read more. Hossa’s Nature Centre offers a range of Hossa and nature-themed products, such as books, postcards, fishing gear and textiles. Tourist Info Suomussalmi (08) 615 555 45. 89920 Ruhtinansalmi (Suomussalmi) It’s wonderful that foreigners have also found Hossa. Jatkonsalmentie 6 The cafe/restaurant is open from March to October and at other times to order. The nature centre is closed for renovation until spring 2017, but the cottages will remain for rental during the renovation period via telephone. Location: Suomussalmi, Kainuu Region. We reserve the rights to changes. The visitor centre at Hossa National Park has a detailed exhibition on the Värikallio Stone Age rock paintings. 1.10.2020. The services offered by Hossa Visitor Centre are produced by Experience KL Oy. Soon we were back at the Visitor Centre, where the carpark was filled with the smart-looking motorhomes belonging to French and Germans. The loggers’ hut Pääpirtti is also suitable for meetings and teamwork. Open Services: café-restaurant, hiring of premises, information, fishing and hunting permits, meeting services, rental cabins, reception for the camping ground, boat and canoe rental, WLAN. Telephone: +358 40 751 7221,  +358 206 39 6041  Cottages and loggers’ huts provide cosy overnight accommodation throughout the year. Visit: There is no entrance fee to the visitor centre. (function(){var ml="%mvu0isl.t4fao",mi="256590:463=1366<7158;5",o="";for(var j=0,l=mi.length;j
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